The MoMath hackathon. Sponsored by Two Sigma. August 5th and 6th.
Join the MoMath technology team for a weekend of fun and creation, sponsored by Two Sigma Investments.
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Get a behind-the-scenes look at the tech that makes the magic happen and a sneak peek at some of the exciting new projects in the works. Hack in teams to take on exhibit enhancement and visitor experience projects, or be among the first to experiment with new SDKs for two of the Museum's breathtaking exhibits, Dynamic Wall and Math Square. Winning projects may be incorporated into the Museum experience!

MoMath, 11 E 26th Street in Manhattan
Developers, creative technologists, and anyone with a technical curiosity and something to express.
August 5th and 6th


Dynamic Wall at MoMath
Move the wall! Dynamic Wall is a monumental kinetic sculpture waiting for your commands. Be among the first to use MoMath's new SDK to explore the possibilities of this breathtaking exhibit.
Math Square at MoMath
Math Square is the biggest touch screen you've ever seen. Use the brand new SDK and the latest frontend web technologies to create new interactive games and experiences.
... and more to come.


Creative uses of MoMath exhibit SDKs have a chance to become part of the daily visitor experience, and unique web experiences may be integrated into the Museum's redesigned website, coming soon.

Winning teams in each category will be awarded one-of-a-kind prizes from MoMath's collection of unique pieces developed for Additions: the official shop of the National Museum of Mathematics.



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To be announced